28 Day Challenge




28 Day Challenge

Have you got 28 days to transform your body and health?

Do you want a flat tummy?

Do you want to drop somebody fat from those stubborn areas?

Do you want to increase your energy levels and feel great?

Do you want to know the best exercises to get super toned?

Are you wasting your time with your current workout?

You’re NOT Alone

When I started my journey to fit and healthy, I came across so much conflicting information. I was doing so many wrong things which I thought was right.


Looking great or losing weight is not as simple as calories in vs calories out.

I have put everything I have learned to get in the best shape of my life and made a simple to follow nutrition and training guide which will;

– Tone your body
– Decrease body fat in stubborn areas
– Increase your energy

You will get a program of the best exercise to tone your body in the gym or at home.

You will get a nutritional guide so you are eating the best foods for fat loss and when to eat for best results.
You’ve Been LIED To…

We are constantly told that carbohydrates are bad for you. Well I’m going to expose the truth and tell you why a prolonged low carbohydrate will not only make you put on body fat but can make you depressed.

Not all carbohydrates are bad. Learn how we can eat carbohydrates to increase fat loss.

So what is the Body by Louise 28 day challenge?
It’s powerful and effective.

– Learn what foods to eat for fat loss
– When to eat certain foods and why
– When to eat carbohydrates to help with fat loss
– The real truth about “carbs”
– How to speed up your metabolism
– The best exercises to tone your body at home or in the gym
– The most effective way to work out for fat loss and toning
– How to get alkaline and burn more fat
– A 7 minute fat blasting workout
– The best home and gym exercises to effectively tone your body
– Learn how food timing is as important as what you eat
– Learn which supplements work and which don’t
– Workouts to target your problem areas like back of arms, tummy, bum and thighs
– How to flatten your tummy with simple daily habits
– How to alkalise the body after an acidic meal
– The most effective fat burning substance around

Learn from my many mistakes.

An alkaline body burns more fat – find out how to get alkaline, feel great and prevent disease.

Start now and you will be amazed at what you can achieve within 28 days.

You will then have all the knowledge to get in great shape whenever you need to.

Are you ready to feel great?

So what can you achieve in just 28 days?

Can you go 28 days binge free?

Are you ready to learn some amazing facts about health and nutrition?

So what can you achieve in just 28 days?

Inside you’ll find pages of secrets, diet plans, meal ideas, workouts to do at home, outside or at the gym. Everything is planned out for you in an easy to follow plan!


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