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Body Transformation specialist: I’m a Qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer with over 6 years experience in Body Transformations. I’ve been working as a PT in London and now based in Essex. I promote healthy lifestyle, educate on clean eating and finding a healthy balance. I work with all shapes and sizes, offering a one to one personal training experience, customised nutrition plans and a wellness life coaching package. I specialise in general fat loss, Obesity, Prenatal / Postnatal exercise and nutrition. I measure my client’s strengths and weaknesses with fitness assessments and keep them motivated by setting goals and providing feedback to keep them on track. I can help you to get into great shape and help with your overall health and wellbeing.

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Brentwood in Essex AB SALUTE GYM

Bluegate park
Hubert Road, Brentwood

Gym fee £20+ pcm – no contract

Nearby Train Stations

  • Brentwood Station is a 5 min walk
  • Liverpool Street Station 20 mins main train

Mobile Home Personal Training:

I can offer mobile PT to females or couples only. Personal Training from your home gym within my area of Brentwood But depends only if travel time allows me to work around my existing clients. 

A Travel time + petrol surcharge applies.  Please enquire.

Body Transformation Packages with Wellness Coaching:

In a Nutshell:  I’m offering one to one Personal Training, Nutrition and wellness life coaching for the ultimate overall Body, Mind and Health Transformation. In signing up with BodyByLouise you’re getting a complete overall body transformation and lifestyle package and for the price which is worth double the money. I have included a free nutrition guide worth £169-£299 which is your new healthy eating guide. I’m offering the 30 min consultation absolutely FREE and I’m giving away one of my healthy living ebooks with over 120 recipes for you to try out. Each one hour personal training session works out to cost around £40 and if you want 90 min PT sessions it’s just an additional £20. I also offer support out of PT hours to all my clients. The wellness coaching is a new service to sit down and discuss your goals and we work on reaching those goals with positive affirmations, detail planning and mindfulness disscusions.  I only sell personal training as a min of 8x PT training sessions (as seen above) as a complete body package with all the above included to get you on your way to fit, healthy and fabulous. For a Full Body Transformation, I suggest my most popular packages which are below and comes with my full support out of training hrs and a full 12 week customised nutritional plan with additional massage for tired muscles.

Terms and conditions apply.

Alex – 32

From injured to Pro Athlete

 Alex came to me to help strengthen muscles in the legs from a previous knee injury. Alex is getting into her weight training zone, working on her weakness & strengths. Alex just got called up to play in pro league squash which starts in the new year.

Denise – 40

Obese to Healthy, Fit & Strong.

Denise was size 20 dress, is getting married in a year  & wants to try for a baby once a healthy weight and periods start/regulate again. We are just over 3 months in and denise has already lost over 16 lbs, reduced depression & anxiety, developed healthy food habits and behaviours and reduced skin inflammation.

Adam – 34

Training to climb Mountains.

Adam came to me after seeing me achieve Mt.Everest in Nepal & Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru. He recently completed Mt.Kilomanjaro and now starting prep him for the biggest adventure & mountain of them all: Mt.Everest in the new year.

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