28 Day Challenge

Have you got 28 days to transform your body and health?

28 days to fit and healthy, diet plans, meal ideas, workouts to do at home, outside or at the gym. Everything is planned out for you in an easy to follow plan!

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Perfect for Women Who Are:


New to Training

Not sure where to start with fitness and weight training.


Need an Easy to Follow Plan

Everything is planned out for you in an easy to follow plan.


Wanting to Tone Your Body

I’ll guide you through the best exercises to tone your body at home or in the gym.


Looking for Increased Energy

Are you ready to eat well and feel re-energised?


Want to Decrease Body Fat

I’ll show you what foods to eat for fat loss, when to eat certain foods, and more!


Would Like to Change Your Eating Habits

After the challenge you’ll know exactly what foods to eat and when.

Why Choose The 28 Day Challenge?

  • Do you want to look good and feel good from the inside out?
  • Are you feeling out of shape and not sure where to start?LouiseGloverFitness
  • Are you Feeling low on energy and fatigued.
  • Do you want to eat healthy and get that toned body?
  • Are you feeling bloated and wanting a flat tummy?
  • Do you need motivation? Do you get run down a lot?

You only get one body, you have to look after it. We don’t realise how important our health is until we loose it and become ill. We bring a low immune system on ourselves as we’re not getting the nutrients from our food. Most people are not getting 5 fruit and vegetables in a day.

More and more foods are being processed and Genetically Modified (GMO), with less and less nutrients in them, I only use real natural foods which are full of nutrients and vitamins as part of a healthy lifestyle. I want to live a long, healthy and happy life with my family, I want you to do the same.

In 2012 I was seriously ill and went on a journey to find the healthiest foods to become the fittest and healthiest I could possibly be. I had
to learn what foods to eat, and when. There was nobody to show me how to train or get my health back. I had to find out for myself.

What I’m offering is a easy to follow 28 day challenge that will guide you through training and what foods to eat for better health and vitality. I want to provide you with the months and years of knowledge at the touch of your fingertips.

What’s Included:

Heres a look at what you will find in my detailed program that I use everyday: workouts you can do anywhere, anytime, no gym required!


Clean eating approach to meal time

Every meal on the program has been created to provide adequate nutrient balance and provide not only enough energy to perform through workouts but also to sustain new muscle growth and recover from strenuous exercise. The meals are full of delicious ingredients and are easy to prepare.


Optimal supplement recommendations for women

Although entirely optional on this program, I’ve included a list of supplements that will help you get the best out of the program enhance recovery and keep your hormones functioning perfectly despite the strain of a strenuous training regime.


Full training plan

If you are new to weight training do not worry, inside I have provided you with a very simple to follow guide to ensure you get the most out of the 28 days.

Fitness Training Plan


Choice of body weight or weight training workouts.


HIIT Cardio workouts for additional fat burning on your rest days.


Learn how to sculpt your body and lose fat at the same time.


Training principles aimed at rapid body transformation.

Healthy Nutrition Plan


Every meal is focused on keeping your burning fat whilst feeling energised and ready to attack the day.


Non restrictive meal plan with delicious recipe’s. Eat nutrient dense foods.


Optional supplement recommendations to maximise health whilst on the program.


Shopping list to help make your meals easy to prepare.


The eBook is packed full of information to guide you along the path to healthier living

**We are sending you an e-book. It’s really easy to download on your iPhone, iPad, Computer, and what makes this great is you can take it with you anywhere!

Challenge Testimonials 

jenna is a full time mum, lost several pounds, improved energy and feels more motivated


Matt is a family man,  lost several pounds, improved energy and more toned.


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You are buying an ebook, it’s really easy to download on your iPhone, iPad, Computer, and what makes this great is you can take it with you anywhere!