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Weightlifting + Cardio
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Fitness Training Options

Choose from a variety of Personal Training services I can offer: Gym Personal training, one-one Park training w equipment provided and mobile Personal training in Brentwood Essex, where I can travel to your home and train you in your garden or home gym.

Gym Personal Training

Tone up, Burn fat, Strength, energy

Park Personal Training

Weightlifting + Cardio +HIIT

Home Garden Mobile Training

Fat burn, Tone up, Strength train

Let’s Do This
I can help you get into shape, reduce body fat increase core strength, and make a total lifestyle change.

Body Transforming and Healthly Living packages

In a nutshell: I’m offering more than just Personal Training. I’m here to help your overall health. In signing up with BodyByLouise your getting a complete overall body transformation package and for the price which is worth double the money. I have included a free nutrition plan worth between £99-£299, which is your new healthy eating guide, I’m offering the 30 min consultation absolutely FREE, (online during covid_19) and I’m giving away one of my healthy living ebooks with over 120 recipes for you to try out. Each personal training session works out to cost around £40. I also offer support out of PT hours to all my clients. I only sell PT as a min of 8 training sessions (as seen above) as a complete body package with all the above included to get you on your way to fit, healthy and fabulous.

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